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Person Training should be just that, personal.  It needs to take into account your current fitness, any injuries you may have, previous experience, what your goals are, what you do and don't enjoy, where, when, how often and how hard you want to train

Training at your own home is time efficient and convenient. Depending on space I might bring a Concept2 Rower, olympic barbell, kettle bells, dumbells, power bands, gymnastic rings, battle ropes.

Training at NewWave adds more space, heavier weights, gymnastic rig, squat racks, a floor you can drop heavy weights on and a wider choice of cardio equipment. Note that at NewWave we will be using a shared area - the members are very friendly and welcoming.

What we do in a session will vary depending on your goals but generally I subscribe to the CrossFit idea of "Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity". I'll happily bore you with the details or never mention them, your choice
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